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Syrian Army Continues Advance in Aleppo

Syria army advances in different frontsThe Syrian army continues advance in the strategic regions of Aleppo in the Northern parts of the country, reports said.
FNA dispatches said on Monday that the Syrian army units are still continuing their advance in Aleppo and attacked the headquarters of armed groups in the city’s industrial town in al-Sheikh Najjar.
Also, other reports said that the terrorist groups in Aleppo which have come under the Syrian army’s heavy attacks have called for other armed groups’ assistance, and that the terrorist group, the Mujahedin Army, has dispatched troops to the battlefield in Aleppo to help the militants in the area.
Reports earlier today said that the Syrian army has broken the siege of Aleppo Central Prison in the Northern parts of the Muslim country and is now only less than a kilometer away from the prison building.
The army units made major advances toward the Aleppo Central Prison after they regained control of the surrounding areas of the prison, including Al-Majbal and two other regions in Aleppo’s city center, added the reports.
Speaking to FNA, a military source said on Sunday that the battle for breaking the siege of Aleppo Central Prison would not take much time, specially because the militant groups who have besieged the prison are in no good condition.
He also said that the Syrian army has besieged the militant groups stationed in Aleppo industrial city now.
The military source had ensured that the siege of the Aleppo Central Prison would soon be broken.

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