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Syrian Army Captures the Farms East of the Deir Ezzor Military Airport

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The Syrian Arab Army’s 104th Airborne Brigade of the Republican Guard conducted a raid at the Al-Dagheem Farms located in the village of Al-Mari’iyyah that resulted in the death of a number of militants from the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS). The 104th Airborne Brigade was able to secure this area following a long engagement with ISIS militants on the outskirts of Al-Mari’iyyah. The Al-Dagheem Farms are located east of the Deir Ezzor Military Airport; this area now provides a buffer-zone for the SAA from the persistent mortar shells fired at the base from these farms.

Northeast of the Deir Ezzor Military Airport, the 104th Division – backed by the 137th Brigade of the 17th Division – continued their operation to push ISIS militants further away from the base. According to a military source, the SAA is now in control of 2km land northeast of the Military Airport and with the recent capture of Al-Dagheem Farms, the latter has seen a decrease in the amount of attacks by ISIS militants.

Yesterday, at the Deir Ezzor Military Airport, the SAA reportedly killed the prominent ISIS fighter from Abukamal, Hamadeh Majaham Al-Hassan, during an attempted suicide operation in the vicinity of the base. 2 Syrian Arab Army officers were also reportedly killed-in-action (KIA): Captain ‘Usama Al-Anwar of Sweida City, Sweida and Brigadier General Mozer Al-Yousif of Saydnaya, Rif Dimashq were cited by the Syrian military as “martyred in battle”.

Identified ISIS fighters killed around Deir Ezzor today:

1. Ibrahim Khaleel Ibrahim
2. “Abu Qaassem ‘Umar “ (Egyptian)
3. Fawaaz Al-Mahmoud
4. Fahd Nawaaf Al-Ahmad

1. “Abu ‘Ataba Al-Tounisi” (Tunisian)
2. Tha’er Mamdouh Sabouh

Source: Almasdarnews

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