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Syrian Army Advancing in Aleppo City

Syrian Army Advancing in Aleppo City
The Syrian army continued its advances in Aleppo in Northern Syria and regained control of a strategic square in the city.
The army units took control of Al-Barij Square in Aleppo city and advanced towards the city’s Central Prison.

Al-Barij has been the scene of ferocious clashes between the Syrian army and the foreign-backed militants since two days ago.

The Syrian air force and artillery units have been backing up the army infantry in its operations in Aleppo city with their massive fire power.

On Tuesday, informed sources announced that the Syrian army has taken many towns in Aleppo region by pushing back the foreign-backed militants from the area and is now advancing towards Jamiat Al-Zahra and Al-Yarmoun towns.

The army units are preparing for the heaviest battle in Aleppo to regain control of the remaining towns in the province, informed military sources told FNA.

Also on Tuesday, the Syrian army continued its advances in Aleppo countryside and took control of a strategic town in the region.

The army units made major advances towards Al-Bab city in Northwestern parts of Aleppo province and regained control of the strategic Souran town in there.

Syrian military sources reiterated that army’s control over Souran is “vitally important” for the army.

Army units also took control of Al-Matahen town in Aleppo countryside several days ago.

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