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Syrian Army advances northeast of Deir Ezzor in new bid to clear ISIS pocket



The Syrian Arab Army continued their advance along the eastern bank of the Euphrates River this week, liberating several areas that were occupied by the so-called Islamic State (ISIS) in Deir Ezzor.

Led by the 4th Mechanized Division and 5th Legion, the Syrian Arab Army began the week by liberating several areas around the large village of Al-Husseiniyeh, including the paper factory and Al-Husseiniyeh construction zone.

Following the liberation of the aforementioned sites, the Syrian Arab Army scored a new advance of Al-Husseiniyeh, capturing the small town of Al-Hasan en route to one of the Islamic State’s last strongholds in northeast Deir Ezzor, Al-Moheimidiyah.

The Syrian Arab Army is attempting to clear this Islamic State pocket along the eastern bank of the Euphrates River in order to force the remaining terrorists inside the provincial capital to surrender their positions.

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