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Syrian Army Advances in Rima Farms, Besieging Yabroud in Qalamoun

Naaimat-300x192The Syrian Army units repelled Wednesday terroristSyrian Armys and destroyed their weapons, ammunition and hideouts in several provinces.
Army units destroyed two cars equipped with heavy machineguns and left a number of terrorists dead or injured in Yabroud city in Damascus countryside, while other units continued to progress in Rima farms after eliminating terrorists from Jabhet al-Nusra and destroying their equipment and weapons, in addition to eliminating terrorists north of Yabroud near the town of al-Sahl.
In Adra workers city, an army unit eliminated a number of terrorists from the Islamic front including two group leaders called Bilal Safir and Bashar Shalhoum, destroying their weapons and ammo.
The army also eliminated three terrorists in Harasta and clashed with a terrorist group in Jobar, killing a number of its members.
Most members of a terrorist group were killed during a special operation in al-Ebb farms in Douma which resulted in destroying large amounts of weapons and ammo, while other army units pursued terrorists in the town of Daraya, leaving several of them dead or injured and destroying their weapons and ammo.
Army units carried out a series of operations targeting terrorist hideouts in Khan al-Sheih and Zakiya in al-Kisweh area, eliminating many terrorists and destroying their vehicles, while other units eliminated a number of terrorists and injured over 15 others in a special operation in the mountains east of al-Zabadani.
An army unit destroyed a car for terrorists loaded with weapons and ammunition in Mourek town in Hama countryside and destroyed terrorists’ gatherings in the town, a military source told SANA.
The source added that a number of terrorists were killed and injured in the operations, including non-Syrians.
Saudi terrorists Hijri al-Sari and Sultan, who is nicknamed Abu al-Leil, and the Libyan terrorist Zakariya al-Tajer were identified among the dead.
A military source told SANA that army units eliminated a number of Iraqi, Saudi, Jordanian, Chadian, Tunisian, Egyptian and Afghan terrorists in Idleb countryside.
The source added that among the dead terrorists were Meta’b Ali al-Salam and Nashmeh Mohammad Burji from Saudi Arabi, Ramez Ahmad al-Dali and Farjhan Fawaz al-Dalimi fron Iraq, Bashir Hamid al-Sawam and Raslan Mohammad Baghal from Chad, Mohammad Obeid al-Said, Matar Ahmad al-Aqil and Barakat Mohammad al-Muhaimid, from Jordan, Badea Fareed al-Mkahel from Afghanistan, Ekrima Ahmad al-Rahil from Egypt, Farah Ali al-Farah and Ta’an Jumaa al-Farah from Kuwait , Darwaish Ibrahim Darwish from Turkey and Jihad Salem Barhoum from Tunisia.
Army units eliminated a number of terrorists, among them leaders of Jabhat al-Nusra, and destroyed 2 of their cars to the south-west of al-Soura village in Daraa countryside.
A military source told SANA that terrorist Anas Mohammad al-Baset was identified among the dead.
Army units also targeted terrorists’ gatherings on the southwestern road of Um al-Aousaj toward al-Hrak city and the surrounding al-Yarmouk school in Daraa al-Balad, killing and injuring a number of terrorists.

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