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Syrian Army Advances in Eastern Damascus after Terrorists Violate Ceasefire



The Syrian army restarted military operations near the capital after the Takfiri terrorists launched missile and mortar attacks against their positions in Eastern Damascus.

While terrorists in al-Qaboun district of Eastern Damascus had announced their decision to leave the region, and the army had suspended its operations, the militants attacked the army positions which resulted in the Syrian soldiers’ resumption of operations near Taqwa mosque in al-Qaboun and regained full control over all blocks in the region.

Local sources had said that devastating advances of the Syrian Army troops in Eastern Ghouta have caused the terrorist groups to ask for rapid evacuation of al-Qaboun district.

“After the army soldiers destroyed several major tunnels of the terrorists, liberated a number of building blocks and laid siege on al-Qaboun, the terrorist groups begged for rapid evacuation from the district,” said the sources.

The sources added that the terrorist front in al-Qaboun is on the verge of complete collapse after the recent advances of the army in the district.

The Syrian army had ceased its military operations in the neighborhood of al-Qaboun as militants agreed to surrender and negotiate an evacuation deal.

According to the latest reports, the Syrian pro-government forces are making significant advances inside the heartland of militants, forcing them to re-consider a deal that they had refused months ago.

The reports further added that the Syrian army and militants have started talks in al-Qaboun to pave the ground for the evacuation of gunmen and their family members and relocate them to Idlib.

Meantime, the terrorists in al-Qaboun have started conflicts and clashes over continued fight or surrender to the Syrian army.

This is while local sources said on Wednesday that hundreds of gunmen and their family members will be evacuated from Barzeh district in line with the implementation of an evacuation deal concluded between the Syrian Army and the militants.

The sources confirmed that almost 2,000 gunmen and their family members will leave Barzeh district for Northern Syria and militant-held region in Eastern Ghouta.

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