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Syrian Army Advances in Depth of Sweida Badiyeh

The Syrian army established security in the Eastern parts of Sweida during military operations against the ISIL in Eastern Badiyeh (desert) areas of the province.

The army forces continued clashes with the ISIL terrorists in the depth of Badiyeh region on Thursday and cleansed terrorists of several other points and hills, including Tal Salim and al-Zalaqiyat hills to Be’r al-Rasi’ei, Be’r al-Harizeh and Talat Ataf, cutting off the militants’ supply routes.

Meantime, a field source reported that the Syrian army troops have advanced in all five operations fronts in Badiyeh region, purging terrorists of vast areas.

Security now prevails in the Eastern villages of Sweida after the Syrian army advanced in regions 30km inside Badiyeh.

In a relevant development on Wednesday, the Syrian army forces managed to advance more in the Southern province of Sweida, cutting off ISIL’s supply lines from the US-run al-Tanf base in Southern Homs to Sweida.

The army forces managed to impose control over Tal Zarin and al-Mari’eiyeh region, deploying at the strategic al-Safa hills.

Field sources, meantime, reported that the army has managed to capture a part of al-Safa hills.

They further said that the army has advanced almost 20 km in the depth of Syria’s Badiyeh, prevailing over ISIL’s positions.

In the meantime, the Arabic-language website of Sputnik reported that the army’s recent advances in Badiyeh have cut off ISIL’s supply lines from Sweida to the US army-run al-Tanf base.

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