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Syrian Army Achieves Rapid, Sweeping Advance in Quneitra

Units of the Syrian army launched on Tuesday wide campaign on towns of Der Adas and Tal Al-Mseih, after it restored security to al-Denaji town in Damascus countryside earlier.

Sources told Al-Manar TV that urgent calls took place between prominent figures of rural Daraa towns and another parties related to the national reconciliation. The calls led to a secret deal that included amnesty for officers and security and military personnel, who had defected from the state previously, in exchange for surrender of some villages to the Syrian government.

The sources revealed that a number of rural Daraa residents give the Syrian army significant information about the deployment of gunmen, as well as their military and logistics centers and their supply routes.

“The Syrian army received clear orders to respond firmly to the sources of fire and regions that harbor militants.

These events come after the rapid progress made by the Syrian army in a rural Daraa and Quneitra, which began two days ago in southern Syria, amid huge losses among militants in the region.

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