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Syrian Armed Forces dominate the terrorist supply line to Aleppo


Jaysh Al-Fateh (Army of Conquest) suffered heavy casualties along the Khan Touman-Ramouseh Road on Friday after they were caught by a number of the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) ATGMs (anti-tank guided missile) while trying to reach the provincial capital.

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The Tiger Forces release images of their ATGM destroying a terrorist vehicle along the Khan Touman-Ramouseh Road.

Led by the Tiger Forces, the Syrian Arab Army imposed fire control over the Khan Touman-Ramouseh Road after capturing Tal Umm Qara’, leaving the terrorists trapped inside the southern Aleppo districts.

Another image released by the Tiger Forces on Friday

Over the last four days, Jaysh Al-Fateh has attempted to recapture Tal Umm Qara’ from the Syrian Armed Forces; however, they have failed every time and suffered a significant number of casualties as a result of their offensive to seize this key hilltop in southern Aleppo.

Jihadists attempt to travel past Tal Umm Qara

If Jaysh Al-Fateh does not recapture Tal Umm Qara soon, they will be in serious trouble inside the southern districts of the provincial capital, as provisions run low.

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