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Syrian Air Force carries out special night mission in the East Ghouta


The Syrian Arab Air Force (SAAF) carried out a special night mission on Saturday to destroy a Faylaq Al-Rahman hideout that is located between the villages of Hazrama and Beit Na’im in the East Ghouta region of Greater Damascus.

According to exclusive sources in the East Ghouta, local spies reported the location to the Syrian Air Force and notified them of a secret meeting that was going to take place at night.

With exact coordinates, the Syrian Air Force carried out a powerful airstrike over the Beit Na’im area, killing an estimated 20 Faylaq Al-Rahman fighters, including 3 high ranking commanders.

The Syrian Air Force does not typically carry out airstrikes at night, unless they have exact coordinates; this attack on Saturday night was properly planned and approved by the High Commadn of the Syrian Armed Forces.

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