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Syrian air defense responds to Israeli airstrikes on Tartus

A high-ranking security source reported the interception of the Zionist missiles by the Syrian air defense in the sky of the Syrian city of Tartus.

According to the source, the Syrian air defense managed to intercept and destroy the missiles launched by the Zionist regime’s fighters that intended to target some positions in the outskirts of Tartus.

The Zionist regime’s fighter jets entered the Syrian airspace from the eastern side of the international waters and struck the “Al-Jamasieh” military base in a village by the same name in Tartous province.

A senior security official told the Russian news agency Sputnik that air defense systems started to shoot at attacking missiles and most of the missiles were intercepted.

No casualties have been reported in the attack by the Zionist regime’s fighter jets on suburb of Tartus.

The Israeli regime’s violations and attacks against various areas in Syria continue, despite the Syrian government repeatedly calling on international forums, including the United Nations, to condemn the Israeli aggressions and take action to stop them.

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