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Syrian Air Defense placed on high alert across Syria



The Syrian Air Defense forces have been placed on high alert across the country amid reports of an imminent U.S. attack on Syria.

According to the latest military report from the coastal province of Latakia, the Syrian Air Force and their air defense teams have been ordered by their central command to stay on high alert until further notice.

The Russian military has also encouraged the Syrian military to remain on red alert, while also sharing intel reports on potential targets for the U.S. military.

However, despite reports of an ‘imminent’ attack, the Syrian military reports no unusual air activity around the eastern Mediterranean, adding that it has been quiet night.

A source from the Syrian military told Al-Masdar this week that they believe the U.S. will likely target one of their imperative airbases near the Damascus Governorate.

If the U.S. does choose to attack a base near Damascus, it will most likely either be the Mezzeh or Dumayr airports.

The Dumayr Airport would be an ideal location for the U.S. military, as it was frequently used by the Syrian Air Force to attack the East Ghouta; moreover, there are very little civilians in the area.

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