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Syria Won’t Forget Iran’s and Hezbollah’s Military Support in Face of Takfiri Plot: Defense Minister

The Syrian Defense Minister Ali Mahmoud Abbas met on Tuesday in Tehran IRGC Chief General Hussein Salami to discuss the military cooperation between the two countries.

Abbas stressed that Syria will not forget Iran’s and Hezbollah’s military support to face the terrorist plot, recalling the martyrdom of General Qassem Suleimani in 2020.

The Syrian DM indicated that the US policies have failed to achieve their targets, adding that the states sponsoring terror blacklist other governments.

Abbas also noted that the US administration tried to follow the Syrian scenario in Iran, adding that the Islamic Republic remained a fortified castle.

For his part, IRGC commander underlined the importance of closer military and defense cooperation between Iran and Syria.

Voicing the IRGC’s readiness to assist the Syrian armed forces in various fields, Major General Salami highlighted the need to share experiences in the spheres relating to cyberwarfare, intelligence and information warfare, and electronic warfare.

While the IRGC remains committed to the previous military agreements with Syria, it is prepared to broaden training cooperation with the Syrian armed forces in various sectors, such as the command and staff courses, supreme courses of war strategies, supreme courses for branches, and other expert fields, Salami stated.

The IRGC chief further described the growing cases of insecurity and the recent developments in the territories occupied by the Zionists and in the West Bank, Jenin and Gaza as a sign of the decline of the Zionist regime, adding, “Those who sought to destroy Syria one day with a global onslaught are now on the road to decline and perdition.”

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