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Syria: Over 250 Ex-Militants Pardoned by Gov’t in Dara’a


256 ex-militants, who have laid down arms and surrendered to the army forces in recent days, were pardoned by the Syrian government officials in the Southern city of Dara’a and returned to normal life.
The pardoned militants were from the city of Dara’a and the towns of Izraa, al-Sanamain and al-Mesmiyeh.

Also on Wednesday, some 2,000 wanted militants, who had turned themselves in to the authorities, were pardoned in the Southern province of Dara’a and returned to their normal life.

Within the framework of the local reconciliations from the amnesty decree no.15 for 2016, the legal status of 2,000 of ex-militants in Dara’a and its countryside were settled on Monday and Tuesday.

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