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Syria: Over 20 ISIL Terrorists Killed in Clashes with SDF in Manbij


The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), mainly comprising of Kurdish fighters, continued to hit ISIL positions in different districts of Manbij, leaving at least 24 militants dead and many more wounded.
The SDF fighters’ anti-terrorism attacks on ISIL’s strongholds in the Southwestern neighborhoods of Manbij, ended in the killing or at least 24 terrorists.

ISIL’s military hardware also sustained major damage in the attacks.


Reports said earlier today that the SDF continued to push ISIL back from more positions in the Eastern part of al-Hazavaneh neighborhood and opened a safe path to evacuate the civilians trapped in the war-torn town of Manbij to safe regions.

“The Kurdish-led SDF fighters have launched a fresh round of attacks to capture al-Banavi neighborhood, which have thus far transferred at least 123 civilians to the Kurdish-held regions,” the sources said.

“The SDF fighter also discovered a mass grave of the civilians during their advances against the ISIL in Manbij,” the sources said, adding, “The SDF fighters have also detonated two bomb-laden suicide vehicles of the ISIL in al-Hazavaneh.”

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