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Syria: More Lebanese Hezbollah Fighters Join Anti-ISIL Operation in Homs



A large number of fighters from the Lebanese Hezbollah Resistance Movement have left their positions in Aleppo for Eastern Homs to join the Syrian Army troops’ battle against ISIL terrorists, a military source confirmed on Saturday.

The source said that the Hezbollah forces have arrived in Homs province via Khanasser highway in Southeastern Aleppo to join the army to intensify war on ISIL.

He added that the army will also forward more soldiers from de-escalation zones to the battlefields in Eastern Homs.

The source went on to say that after the endorsement of the de-escalation zones agreement, the Hezbollah fighters left Southern Aleppo to continue war on ISIL in Eastern Homs and then move towards Deir Ezzur to lift terrorists’ siege on the Eastern city and its military airport.

A well-informed military source disclosed on Wednesday that the army troops and the Hezbollah fighters were getting ready to carry out an imminent large-scale operation against ISIL in Central Syria.

The source said that the army troops and Hezbollah forces would participate in a massive operation in Central Syria as the de-escalation zones agreement freed up hundreds of fighters across the war-hit country to move to other areas.

Hezbollah fighters accompanied vastly the army soldiers in anti-terrorism operations in Aleppo province and in Eastern Homs, the source underlined, adding that they played very crucial role also in the restoration of security to the Syria-Lebanon borders.

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