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Syria marks Iran Islamic Revolution

A busy day here on the outskirts of the embattled Yarnouk camp for Palestinian refugees; this is the scene of a one of many festivities marking the Islamic Revolution’s victory in Iran back in 1979.

Syria and Iran have always said they have strategic bilateral relations. Syrians believe that the conflict in the country has shown where loyalties lie.

Another event, in Sayda Zaineb shrine . Many here that Iranian military aid has helped keep the shrine safe despite repeated insurgents attack on the shrine. The festivities makring the Islamic revolution’s victory in Iran gather Syrian , Lebanese and Iranian figures.

The festivities culminated at the Iranian embassy in Damascus. The ceremony attracted many people including high ranking Syrian officials, opposition activists and religious figures.

a surprising guest was the UN envoy to Syria Steffan Di Mistura, AA visit that had many messages but mainly that Iran plays a crucial role in the Syrian crisis.

Iran’s presence in Syria was visible in the celebrations and in recent events, where a high ranking Iranian general was killed in Qunaitera by an Israeli airstrike.

The large turn-out in the ceremony at Iran’s embassy in Damascus is a reminder of how close relations between Iran and Syria are and how important they are not just for the two countries but for the Middle East and stability in the strategic region.

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