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Syria: Kurdish Fighters Inflict Major Losses on ISIL in Hasaka Province

The predominately Kurdish ‘Syrian Democratic Forces’ (SDF) engaged in heavy fighting with the ISIL in the Southern part of Hasaka province, pinning down the terrorists behind their strongholds with the lowest military movements possible.

The SDF fighters killed several ISIL members in the Southern and Southwestern part of al-Shadadi and Sothern part of Hasaka, while two experienced ISIL terrorists were also killed in mortar attacks of the SDF.

The SDF also seized a huge volume of ammunition and weapons, including mortars 120mm, in its anti-terrorism operations in the region.

The recent victories of the SDF and the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) against the ISIL have established a buffer zone around Hasaka province and have secured much of the Syrian-Iraqi border from the ISIL and paved the way for a major push towards Deir Ezzur.

The SDF that is comprised of mainly Kurdish fighters as well as a few hundred Syrian Arab dissident forces have received trainings from the US and have been provided with scanty US-coalition air support in their battles in Raqqa province in Northeastern Syria; but in Northern and Northwestern battlefronts, they have been operating alongside the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) and received the Russian air backup in their Aleppo wars that started with the conquest of Tishrin Dam on the Euphrates early in February.

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