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Syria: Jeish Al-Islam’s Second Top Commander Defects Terrorist Group



Jeish al-Islam’s top commander and spokesman cut ties with the terrorist group to inflict a second loss on the terrorist group after its top commander was killed in 2105.

Islam Alloush, the official spokesman of the Jeish al-Islam, cut off ties and defected the terrorist group.

In the meantime, Islam Alloush said in a statement that he has resigned from all his posts and ranks in Jeish al-Islam.

Following the defection of Islam Alloush, Jeish al-Islam has now lost his second top commander after Zaharn Alloush, the group’s top commander, was killed in 2015.

Alloush further said in his statement that he will not use his organizational name Islam Alloush, adding that he wants to be called Majdi Mustafa Ne’ama.

Late December 2015, Jeish al-Islam Commander Zahran Alloush was killed in Syrian airstrikes on the terrorist group’s command center in Eastern Ghouta

The Syrian bombers targeted the command center of Jeish al-Islam (Army of Islam) terrorist group in Al-Marj region of Eastern Ghouta in Damascus countryside, killing ten of militants, including the terrorist group’s top commander who was also a senior member of a coalition of the main anti-Assad militant groups in Syria.

Hamza Bayrakdar, Spokesman of Jeish al-Islam, was also killed in the airstrike in Eastern Ghouta.

Jeish al-Islam is a Saudi-backed Takfiri terrorist group affiliated to the Islamic Front a conglomerate of tens of terrorist groups fighting against the Syrian government.

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