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Syria in Last 24 Hours: Terrorists Agree to Surrender to Army in Homs Countryside

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As the Syrian army continues marching on different parts of Homs countryside, terrorists fighting against the Damascus government in Al-Wa’ar town agreed to end their hostilities and sign a ceasefire agreement with the government in the coming days.
A local source told FNA that the Syrian army and the terrorists have agreed to sign a comprehensive deal very soon.

The Syrian army has laid a complete siege on the terrorists in Al-Wa’ar town to prevent them from fleeing the region.

Also in the past 24 hours, foreign-backed militants suffered major losses in the Eastern countryside of Homs province as the Syrian Army expanded its offensive operations.

The army soldiers targeted the gathering centers of the rebels in Rajm al-Qasser area in the central province, leaving scores of them dead and injured.

The first waves of protests initiated in Homs in 2011 by some political parties, but later due to interference of some western and regional countries the civil protests turned into massive insurgency across country.

Meantime, senior commanders in Syria said the Kurdish forces gained control over 90 percent of the border town of Kobani, underlining that the town will be fully liberated from ISIL control in the coming days.

“The main parts of Kobani are under the control of our forces and we will see liberation of Kobani and restoration of full security to the town in the next few days,” the commander told FNA on Saturday.

He noted that the Kurdish fighters are now controlling more than 90 percent of Kobani after three months of clashes with ISIL terrorists.

The Kurdish fighters killed at least 58 ISIL terrorists on Thursday.

Earlier this week, in a series of attacks on the ISIL positions in Kobani, Kurdish forces also managed to retake the city’s industrial zone from the Takfiri militants and build a defense line.

The Kurdish fighters attacked the zone that lies in the Northern part of the town on Friday and expelled the militants who had been positioned there for three months.

Elsewhere, the Syrian army continued to make gains in its fight against the Takfiri groups in Daraa province, killing and injuring scores of militants in there.

The army soldiers stormed the hideouts of the rebels in the towns of Daraa al-Balad and Zamreen, leaving a large number of them dead and injured.

Also, the militants suffered major losses in the areas of Jabal al-Akrad, Qastoun, Kou’a al-Shgher, Hallouz and al-Hota in Idlib countryside, as the army intensified its offensive on the province.

Syria has been the scene of insurgency since 2011 when certain western powers and their regional allies voiced loudly that Syrian protests have no diplomatic solution and they started supplying the country’s opposition groups with their arms and funds.

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