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Syria in Last 24 Hours: Army Takes Full Control of ISIL Bastions in Hasaka Province

The Syrian army gained control of ISIL’s strategic bastions in Hasaka province, killing tens of terrorists and injuring dozens more in fierce clashes.
The Syrian troops took full control of the town of Tal Baroud and al-Shaddadi al-Houl intersection in the Northeastern Hasaka province.

The army units destroyed the ISIL’s strongholds along the main road connecting Hasaka and Abyad village in the Southwestern countryside of Hasaka.

The Syrian army, meantime, continued to advance against the ISIL terrorists in an area between Sawda and Abd villages.

Also in the past 24 hours, large groups of militants were killed in a Syrian army air raid on terrorists’ bastion in Aleppo countryside.

The Syrian warplanes struck Al-Sha’ar region in the Eastern parts of Aleppo and killed at least 40 terrorists.

Several notorious terrorists, including Abdel Karim al-Abd nicknamed Abu Fauz and Mohamed al-Issa also known as Abu Mahmoud Jebeli, were among those killed in the army’s military operations in Al-Sha’ar region.

Official sources confirmed last week that the Syrian Army’s offensives against the rebels’ hideouts in Aleppo resulted in the killing and wounding of tens of militants.

The sources said that the militants’ concentration centers in the surrounding areas of Aleppo Air Force Academy, Tal Refaat, Mare’ and Anadan in the countryside of the Northern province of Aleppo were massively targeted by the army men.

The sources went on to say that the rebels’ suffered major damages as a result of the army’s operations.

Meantime, military sources announced that the Syrian Armed Forces targeted a long convoy of the rebel groups’ vehicles and cut their supply line between the Southern province of Dara’a and the Southwestern province of al-Quneitra.

The sources said that the militants’ supply route from Dara’a to al-Quneitra near Tal Mas’hara was stormed by the army troops, which resulted in the killing of dozens of fighters and cut of their logistic route.

Elsewhere, the provincial sources announced that the Syrian Army stormed the terrorist groups’ strongholds in two key spots in the Southern Dara’a province, and pushed them back from the battlefronts.

The sources said that the terrorists’ positions in Tal Antar in the Northwestern countryside of Dara’a, were targeted by the army men, who killed tens of fighters and forced them to retreat from the fighting areas.

The sources went on to say that heavy clashes erupted between the army man and the terrorist groups in the Northern countryside of Dara’a city, in the nearby areas of Dael Town, which resulted in the killing or wounding of rebel fighters.

Syria has been the scene of armed and bloody conflicts since March 2011. According to the UN’s latest report, more than 191, 000 people have been killed in the Arab country since the start of the battle. Countries like US and Saudi Arabia have played a significant role in promoting insurgency in the country by massive funding of the Takfiri-Wahhabi terrorists.

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