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Syria, Hezbollah forces free 2 valleys in Qalamoun

The Syrian army, backed by Lebanon’s resistance movement Hezbollah, has freed two valleys in the strategic Qalamoun mountainous region along the Syrian-Lebanese border from ISIL terrorists.

According to media reports on Wednesday, the Syrian army and Hezbollah fighters cleared the valleys of al-Ahmar and al-Qaddumi in the area of Jreijeer in the mountainous region.

Ras al-Kush, and Badaye along the border between Syria and Lebanon were among other regions in which joint forces of Syrian army and Hezbollah fighters targeted the terrorists.

The joint forces managed to kill 14 terrorists in the attack. The report does not refer to the casualties on the side of Hezbullah and the Syrian army.

The joint forces of the Syrian army, Syria’s National Defense Forces and Hezbollah fighters tightened the noose around the terrorists near the Syrian town of Flitah and retook control of a number of hilltops overlooking the border between Syria and Lebanon.

Recent gains by the Syrian army and Hezbollah have strengthened the possibility of a full liberation of Qalamoun.

The Syrian army units and Hezbollah fighters are fighting the terrorists on the outskirts of Lebanon’s northeastern border town of Arsal as well.

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