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Syria: Gov’t Forces Inflict Heavy Casualties on Terrorists near Ithriya-Khanasser Road in Aleppo


Syrian Army troops and popular forces’ counter-attack on Jeish al-Nasr’s positions on the Western side of Ithriya-Khanasser road claimed the lives of 56 terrorists and forced their remaining pockets to retreat from a military base in Southeastern Aleppo.
The Jeish al-Nasr terrorist failed to prevail over government forces’ strongholds along the key road connecting Hama province to Aleppo province and retreated from the battlefield after the strong defense and the pursuing counter-attack of the Syrian government forces, which ended in the recapture of military base of Mahmiyat al-Ghazlan and killing of 56 members of Jeish al-Nasr.


The strategic Ithriya-Khanasser road is under the full control of the Syrian government forces, military sources confirmed on Saturday.

On Friday, Jeish al-Nasr’s offensive to break through government forces’ positons along the key supply route was repelled by the strong defense of the Syrian military forces.

Jeish al-Nasr launched an offensive on army position near Mahmiyat al-Ghazlan West of the Ithriya-Khanasser road in a bid to cut off the government’s supply route to Aleppo, but their attacks were fended off by the Syrian army and its allies.

Jeish al-Nasr left scores of the dead and wounded members behind and retreated from the battlefield.

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