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Syria dismisses US allegations about executing, burning prisoners as lies

Syria dismisses US allegations about executing, burning prisoners as lies


The Syrian Foreign Ministry categorically rejected the US government’s accusations that Damascus has used a crematorium for mass burning prisoners after executing them in a prison in the town of Sednaya in Western Damascus.

(FNA) — “The accusations that the Syrian government had created a so-called ‘crematorium in the Sednaya prison’ are not true, just like previous claims of ‘chemical weapons’ and ‘barrel bombs dropping’ repeated by the US administration,” the ministry underscored, adding, “These accusations … are a figment of the imagination of this administration and its agents.”

A source in the ministry, meantime, said that the US government is “spreading such fake news to justify meddling and hostile policies towards independent countries”.

Acting Assistant Secretary for the US Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs Stuart Jones said on Monday that the Syrian government had reportedly installed a crematorium in the Sednaya prison to mass dispose of detainees’ remains.

The Syrian army’s special forces known as ISIL Hunters said in a video clip earlier today that US President Donald Trump and his government are backing terrorist groups in war-hit Syria.

Amir Ahmad Ahmad, an ISIL Hunter, warned Trump in the video clip against interfering in Syria’s internal affairs and his government’s back up for terrorist groups.

The ISIL Hunter also criticized the US President over Washington’s military aggression against Syria, stressing that “Trump, you could not face us man to man, so you attacked our land by missiles from thousands of kilometers away, but in fact, they have not affected us. We are in high spirits and we are ready to fire back at any moment”.

“We are always on the alert to fight you back,” he underscored.

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