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Syria: Countdown Starts for Full Collapse of ISIL in Aleppo Province



The Syrian Army troops engaged in tough battle with the ISIL and pushed the terrorists back from more positions in Eastern Aleppo, inching closer to the town of Ra’s al-Ein, field reports said Tuesday.

The sources said that the army forces continued to hit ISIL’s defense lines in Maskana plains in Eastern Aleppo and managed to drive the terrorists out of more positions North of the Sugar Factory.

According to reports, Syrian soldiers, backed by the Syrian and Russian fighter jets, launched a wide-scale military operation, pounding ISIL positions in the Sugar Factory and Ra’s al-Ein.

Meanwhile, the Syrian and Russian warplanes carried out a number of combat sorties over the terrorists’ strongholds in the key town of Maskana, killing scores of ISIL members and destroying their military vehicles.

Army officers said on Monday that government troops continued to hit the positions of the ISIL in the Eastern part of Aleppo, capturing more areas in the course of military operation to liberate Maskana plain.

They added that the Syrian soldiers, backed by heavy artillery and airstrikes, continued to purge ISIL terrorists of Eastern Aleppo and managed to recapture more grounds en-route to the strategic region of Maskana.

After recapturing al-Samlajiyah village, al-Khazim fuel station and Tal Fiddah, the pro-government forces managed to break through ISIL’s defense lines and are now in position to enter Maskana plains which has been an ISIL stronghold for nearly two years.

A field sources pointed to the rapid advances of the army men in Eastern Aleppo and said that the army units were only 10km away from the strategic town of Maskana.

The sources added that liberation of Maskana meant an end to ISIL’s presence in Aleppo province and would open a new gate for the pro-government forces towards Raqqa province.

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