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Netanyahu to discuss Iran with US president during trip to US

According to TASS News Agency, the Prime Minister of the Zionist regime,  Benjamin Netanyahu plans to discuss the issue of Iran during the upcoming meeting with US President Joe Biden in the upcoming days, Netanyahu said before departing for the US, according to the government press office.

“I am now leaving for the UN General Assembly where I will represent Israel before the nations of the world,” Netanyahu said as he boarded the plane.

“I will also meet with many world leaders, especially President Biden, with whom I will discuss – first and foremost, but among other topics – Iran and expanding the circle of peace [between Israel and Arab nations],” he added.

Netanyahu falsely claimed, “Iran is violating all of its commitments, that it brazenly lies, and that it intends both to develop nuclear weapons and continue its aggression in the region.”

“We will confront both of these [threats] together. I heard the threats from an official of the Iranian regime today; I suggest that he not threaten us. He and this regime need to know that we will respond forcefully to any attack on our people and our citizens,” he added in continuation of his false statements.

Previously, the Zionist media reported that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Commander Hossein Salami threatened to “cut Israel’s life” if it threatened Iranian security.

Iranian commander’s statement was made after Mossad Director David Barnea harshly threatened Iran.

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