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Syria: Army Starts Fresh Operations in Hama Countryside

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The Syrian army started operations in the town of Murek in Hama countryside in the Central parts of the country on Wednesday.
The army units made major advances in the Southern parts of Murek concurrent with their advance in the Western countryside of Hama province.

FNA dispatches from the warzone said the Syrian army is now close to capturing the town in the next few days.

On Tuesday, the Syrian soldiers struck a major blow at the rebels in al-Latamneh, Kafr Zita, and al-Arbaiyeen and claimed the lives of scores of the militants.

Syria has been experiencing unrest since March 2011 with organized attacks by well-armed gangs and terrorists against both the army and civilians.

The unrest, which took in terrorist groups from across Europe, the Middle-East and North Africa, has transpired as one of the bloodiest conflicts in recent history.

As the foreign-backed insurgency in Syria continues without an end in sight, the US government has boosted its political and military support to Takfiri extremists.

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