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Syria: Army Kills ISIL Commanders in Lattakia

13921126000270_PhotoI (1)The Syrian army conducted a series of operations in Lattakia countryside in the Western parts of the country, killing a large number of Al-Qaeda-linked militants, including their ringleaders.
The army’s artillery units destroyed the positions of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in Al-Ghanimeh village in the Northern parts of Lattakia.
More than 18 ISIL militants were killed in the operations, including Abu Al-Leil Al-Tunisi and Abu Farhan Al-Tamimi, a Saudi national.
In similar operations in Lattakia countryside on Friday, the Syrian army destroyed the concentration centers of the Al-Qaeda-linked militants and killed many foreign terrorists in fierce clashes in the same area.
The army units conducted operations against the ISIL in Tal Al-Souda and Al-Barnas villages in Lattakia countryside, and killed tens of the militants.
Ahmad Shokri, with Jordanian nationality, and Raqeb Al-Sheikh Bakri, with Lebanese nationality, were among the 30 ISIL terrorists killed in Tal Al-Souda.
Mostafa Al-Molla Jan from Pakistan and Philip Raslelo from Belgium were among the 14 ISIL militants killed in Al-Barnas village near the Turkish borders.

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