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Syria Army Drives ISIL back from More Positions in Hama Province

The Syrian military forces stormed the ISIL gatherings and concentration centers in Eastern Hama and captured more farms in the region.
The Syrian army men pushed the ISIL back from the farms of al-Zahireh and Ambouti in Eastern side of al-Salamiyah and took full control over the farms.

Scores of the ISIL were killed or wounded in the attacks.

In the meantime, the army soldiers struck the ISIL strongholds in Tallat al-Rasia al Hamra, which not only ended in the killing or wounding of several militants but destroyed their machinegun-equipped vehicles.

Also, an ammunition depot of Takfiri terrorists was targeted and exploded by the Syrian army in Madajen al-Farouq to the East of al-Mofakker town.

Reports said earlier today that the Syrian army troops engaged in fierce clashes with al-Shamiyeh Front after the terrorist group stormed the government forces’ positions in Eastern Hama.

Al-Shamiyeh Front targeted strongholds of National Defense Forces in Western side of al-Salamiyah near the village of Ramliyeh.

In the meantime, the Syrian fighter jets, for their part, carried out several combat flights over the terrorists’ defense lines and inflicted major damage on their military equipment.13950216000202_PhotoI

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