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Syria accuses Turkish PM of aiding militants, terrorism

Syria accuses Turkish PM of aiding militants, terrorismSyrian Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi has reiterated that Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s administration has regularly aided the intrusion of armed insurgents into Kassab area in Lattakia countryside, accusing them of involvement in international terrorism.
He made the remarks during a Sunday interview with Syrian state TV, in which he described Erdogan’s actions as a violation of international resolutions urging the censure of all forms of terrorist acts.
He said that Erdogan’s actions prove that the Syrian leadership was right when it said that the Turkish prime minister and his government are involved in international terrorism, adding that “the persons who entered Lattakia northern countryside are neither opposition members nor Syrian citizens, they are groups of armed and trained foreigners with certain purposes and agendas.”
Al-Zoubi further noted that the Syrian Army and Armed Forces have thwarted the attack by the armed insurgents, who, he insisted, are all of non-Syrian nationalities.
He also underlined that no one can say that Syria has foiled the Geneva2 conference, highlighting that Syria has been calling, since the beginning of the crisis, for a political course that leads to solutions.
Al-Zoubi reiterated that the position of the Syrian government was rejected by the so-called “[opposition] coalition” and its backers because they were not seeking a political solution but were only interested in the country and pushing it toward a direction that serves the US and Israeli interests in the region.
The Syrian official went on to add that some Arab and regional regimes such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and other states backing terrorism have gone so far in their offense to Arabism, Islam and Syria, committing grave mistakes in terms of evaluating the outcomes of their policies.
He then emphasized that Saudi Arabia has become a factory for producing universal terrorism, but that it cannot prevent terrorists from returning back to its own territories.

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