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Sweida: ISIL Centers Receive Sever Blow in Syrian Military Forces’ Offensives




Syrian Army soldiers and National Defense Forces (NDF) launched fresh rounds of attacks on ISIL’s strongholds near two villages in Northeastern Sweida, leaving several terrorists dead and several more wounded.

ISIL’s positions near the villages of Bord and al-Qasr sustained heavy damage in the Syrian government forces’ attacks, while ISIL suffered a heavy death toll in the clashes too.

In the meantime, the NDF seized a vehicle of the terrorists carrying several missiles and B7 bombs in Western Sweida.

Earlier this week, army soldiers and the NDF stormed a convoy of ISIL’s tankers carrying Syria’s oil and did not allow the terrorists to transfer the stolen crude to other regions.

Syrian government forces attacked the convoy of ISIL’s smuggled-oil tankers and other vehicles carrying arms and ammunition in Badiyeh al-Sweida and prevented the terrorists from transferring their cargo to their destinations.

In the meantime, the Syrian soldiers targeted ISIL’s fuel tankers East of the village of Sha’af in Mashbak al-Wadyan region, destroying most of the tankers.

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