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Supreme Leader’s representative slams Muslim killings in Kashmir


Ayatollah Mohammad Taqi Shahrokhi, Supreme Leader of the Islamic Ummah and Oppressed People Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei’s representative in Southeast Asia slammed systematic killing of Muslims at the hands of Indian troops in Kashmir, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA) Rasa as saying.

The religious cleric called on Iran officals to take a strong stance against the Indian government over the cruel and willful measures lecturing strongly Indian government for causing a black historical catastrophe in Kashmir with its heavy crackdown against Muslims.

The grand Ayatollah also held the Indian police as inhumane and cruel against people in the predominantly Muslim region over the past years.

According to Rasa, Ayatollah Shahrokhi also called on the Muslim community to break silence on the slaughter of Kashmir Muslims and rush to help them in whatever way possible.

The top cleric then urged the Iranian administration to adopt an explicit stance on the issue, remind the New Delhi government of the consequences of its policies and warn India of the impact of such “savage conducts” on the relations with the regional countries.

The Supreme Leader’s representative also explained that he is in contact with clerics in the Indian subcontinent region, especially those in India and Bangladesh, to address the issue.

Clashes in the Indian-administered region of Kashmir erupted on July 9, when thousands of protesters thronged streets in towns across the Kashmir valley to condemn the death of a popular secessionist leader at the hands of Indian security forces.

The violence has been among the worst in the region in years. Indian forces have shot dead at least 45 people since July 9, while thousands of others have been injured.

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