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Sunni Cleric: “Imam Ali Khamenei’s historical fatwa most unifying measure for Muslims”


Prominent Lebanese cleric hailed the historical fatwa by the Supreme Leader of Islamic Republic banning desecration of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) household and called for expansion of the unifying statement to include sanctities of all Islamic denominations.

Sheikh Bilal Shaban, secretary general of Lebanon’s al-Tawhid al-Islami Movement in an interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) praised the historical fatwa issued by the Supreme Leader of Islamic Republic Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei banning desecration of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) household and stressed the importance of statement which has been the most important measure to boost solidarity among all Muslims.

He called the statement as the foundation for bringing Islamic denominations closer and foiling the plots hatched by enemies saying,” Muslim scholars across the globe, like those in Algiers, should set the Leader’s statement as the leading command in their activities as we should also extend it to sanctities of all Islamic denominations.”
Lebanese cleric said,” The present crisis challenging Muslim world is division among Muslim communities and the intrigues hatched by western colonial powers in order to break the might of Muslims” and added,” In this line efforts by Islamic Republic of Iran, particularly the Supreme Leader, in confrontation with challenges ahead of Muslims and supporting the Palestinian nation, resistance groups as well as oppressed nations are admirable.”Lebanese cleric highlighted the role of media in the present era and said,” What is commanding the present world is media which is directly influencing the public hurting their religious sensitivities; hence, the media hide the unifying measures of Islamic Republic of Iran and prevent any move to expand the efforts.”

“Several Arab countries support security of the Zionist regime; therefore, the plan to boost Islamic solidarity, unifying measures by Iran, confrontation with division and sectarian clashes should be carried by Islamic movements, scholars and religious elites ” said Sheikh Bilal Shaban on the role of Arab governments and their cooperation with the unifying statements and proposals by the Supreme Leader.

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