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Story of a Christian Man invited to Islam by Lady Masumah


Below is a real story of a Christian man who was invited to Islam by Lady Masumah (PBUH); It is narrated by Ayatollah Fazel Lankarani:

It was 15 years ago, I was about to leave my office at the end of the day when I saw a man who was 50 or so old, he walked to me and said, ” May I have a word with you?”

I replied, “I’m exhausted, if you wish to talk to me, wait at my office and I’ll meet you there in the afternoon,”
He insisted he had to speak with me immediately, so we returned to my office and began talking; “I’m Christian and work as a well technician who installs pumps in deep wells. I should be on duty in City of Karaj installing 15 wells now,” the man said.

He continued, “I saw a dream of an illuminated lady telling me, “Recite a Salawat for the holy prophet and his progeny;
I replied, “I’m Christian and Salawat is a phrase for Muslims,” after saying this, that lady disappeared in my dream. The next night, I had the same dream again in which I realized that illuminated lady had been Lady Masumah (PBUH),a highly-respected Shia figure buried in Qom; the third night I saw Imam Khomeini (RA) in my dream who told me in an upset tone, ” She wants to guide you, Why don’t you understand?!

I replied, “What should I do?”
“Travel to Qom and convert to Islam,” Imam Khomeini said.

The Christian man then looked at me and said, Mr Fazel, I confessed my Declaration of Faith at your presence in my dream and that’s why I’ve come down here to convert to Islam, I’ll do whatever you ask me to; then he uttered the Declaration of Faith and became a Muslim.

I asked a cleric to teach the new Muslim convert on Islam and its principles and I told him, “You must have done something really worth-while in your life that has caused Ahl-ul-Bayt to guide you in such an amazing way,”
“I have my head on my own life and business and do not hurt anybody,” he said.

“Although this is something, but it does not explain what has happened to you,”
He then thought for a while and stressed, “Every Sunday night, I fill my car with food, rice, tea and so on and park it near the slum areas in the vicinity of Tehran;”

It was at that moment which I realized he had been guided by the Ahl ul-Bayt due to his aid to the poor and needy. This story goes to prove Lady Masumah’s great dignity and kindness.”

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