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Spanish PM warns of new elections as deadlock continues

Acting Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy warns that voters may be facing a third trip to the polls in less than one year as the country’s two main political parties fail to reach an agreement on forming a new government.

Rajoy, the leader of the People’s Party (PP), made the announcement on Tuesday following a fruitless meeting with Spain’s Socialist Party (PSOE) leader Pedro Sanchez.

Both parties gained the largest share of votes during the elections but failed to achieve a majority, which left the country with a hung parliament. The PSOE’s refusal to back the PP Party has left the country in a political deadlock for the last seven months.

“With this Socialist ‘no’, the situation remains blocked and this takes us to a third election,” said Rajoy (seen below) after the meeting.


Rajoy added that during the meeting he had asked Sanchez to “unlock the situation.” “It is necessary and it is possible. I will do everything to avoid the scenario of another election.”


Spain’s Socialist Party (PSOE) leader Pedro Sanchez addresses the media during a news conference after his meeting with Spain’s acting Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy (not pictured) at Spanish parliament in Madrid Spain, August 2, 2016. (Reuters)
Before the meeting, Sanchez stressed that he would by no means support the PP party. “We want to change… The Socialist Party is the alternative to the Popular Party and, therefore, the Socialist Party will not take part in any grand coalition,” he said.

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