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South Damascus Map Update: Syrian Army makes fresh advance in ISIS enclave


Heavy artillery and rocket shelling, as well as precise airstrikes has propelled the Syrian forces to score another advance inside the last ISIS-held pocket in southern Damascus.

According to a military source, the government troops managed today to liberate several building blocks, including the Educational Development Center, located in the southern part of the pocket.

Led by the elite forces of Republican Guards and 4th Armored Division, the Syrian forces were capable of expelling ISIS militants from several facilities, including a school for the UNRWA.

The recent advance sees the Syrian Army in control of almost all Hajar Aswad neighborhood while clashes continue to erupt in the ISIS-occupied parts of the Yarmouk Refugee Camp.

Meanwhile, the Syrian government took over three towns formerly held by rebel factions after all militants had left to the country’s north.

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