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Sources close to Al-Masdar News have revealed the arrival of Colonel Suheil Al-Hassan (“Al-Nimr”) and his contingent from the Syrian Arab Army’s Special Forces brigade “Al-Qawat Al-Nimr” (Tiger Forces) in the province of Aleppo. The Tiger Forces will be under the direct command of 1st. Sergeant Lu’ayy Sleitan, while Colonel Al-Hassan advises from afar. 1st. Sgt. Sleitan gained notoriety for his brilliance as a field commander during the Tiger Forces offensive in northern Hama – he would follow-up with another successful campaign in east Homs. Despite the Tiger Forces arrival in Aleppo, not much is known about their whereabouts or where they are going to be concentrated; this could not be revealed to Al-Masdar News.

The first phase of the Southern Front offensive for the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Hezbollah (Party of God) has been completed after they were able to capture the primary hills and towns north of Kafr Nissaj, resulting in a buffer-zone between northwest Dara’a and the West Ghouta of Rif Dimashq.

For the militants of the Syrian branch of Al-Qaeda “Jabhat Al-Nusra” (Al-Nusra Front), they will have to recapture Tal Qareen, Al-Sultaniyah, and Tal Fatima in order to obstruct the implementation of the second phase of this offensive.

The second phase of this offensive will require the SAA’s 7th Mechanized Division to capture the town of Kafr Shamis and eventually ‘Aqraba; meanwhile, to the north, Hezbollah and the 9th Armored Division will look to capture Kafr Nissaj and ultimately link up with the 7th Division at ‘Aqraba.

A large part of phase II for this offensive will be centered on the Al-Quneitra front; specifically, the 9th Division and Hezbollah’s advance to Nabi Sakhar and their capture of ‘Umm Batna and Mosahra.

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