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Sheikh Daamoush: US, Saudi Attempting to Impose Confrontation President on Lebanon

Deputy Chief of Hezbollah Executive Council Sheikh Ali Daamoush indicated that those who express keenness on the national interest, sovereignty and independence must take practical steps instead of resorting to verbal slogans.

During his Friday sermon, Sheikh Daamoush added that the presidential election requires holding a dialogue among the various political parties, noting that Hezbollah and allies have always called for sustaining consensus in order to elect a new president.

Sheikh Daamoush stressed that the Lebanese political parties controlled by the US and Saudi ambassadors are hindering the presidential elections by insisting on a confrontation candidate.

Sheikh Daamoush pointed out that accusing Hezbollah of being responsible for the political deadlock and economic crisis is a mere lie, adding that such forces are disregarding the role of the US siege in preventing the Iranian donations as well as Russian and Chinese investments and the banking system in causing the inflation.

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