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Several Senior ISIL Commanders Riot against Al-Baghdadi in Eastern Syria

Six senior ISIL commanders, including an Iraqi and a Libyan commander, in Baqouz region of Eastern Deir Ezzur declared that they will no more fight under the command of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The Arabic-language Baghdad al-Youm news website reported on Thursday that the decision was made after hundreds of ISIL terrorists surrendered to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) upon Baghdadi’s order, adding that there are deep differences among the ISIL members and commanders in Eastern Deir Ezzur.

It added that the 6 commanders wanted the ISIL militants to remain in the region and fight against the Kurds.

Thousands of ISIL terrorists have left their last occupied positions in Eastern Euphrates so far after an agreement between the US-led coalition and the SDF with the ISIL.

The London-based Syrian Observatory of Human Rights (SOHR) reported that a sum of 58,000 people, including 6,000 ISIL militants, have evacuated the last areas under their control in Eastern Euphrates.

Media reports said on Wednesday that over 2,000 ISIL militants had left their last base in Eastern Euphrates with the help of the US-led coalition and Syrian Democratic Forces as Washington and the SDF were planning to declare the end of the ISIL in Eastern Euphrates.

“More than two thousands ISIL terrorists who were stationed in al-Baqouz town in Eastern Euphrates near Syria’s borders with Iraq surrendered to the SDF on Monday after they were given a safe corridor,” the Kurdish-language Bas News website reported.

Meantime, the SOHR reported that a sum of 3,140 ISIL militants and their families left the last areas under their control in Eastern Euphrates.

The pro-militant Baldi news website also pointed to the presence of about 1,000 ISIL terrorists in Baqouz, and said that the surrendered ISIL militants will be transferred to the US-controlled Omar oilfield.

Meantime, sources close to the SDF said they would impose full control over the town of Baqouz to declare the end of ISIL in Eastern Euphrates in coming days.

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