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Senior Yemeni official declares end of ceasefire with Saudis

Mohammed Abdul-Salam, the head of Yemen's negotiating team, announced the end of an UN-brokered truce between Sana'a and the invading coalition led by Saudi Arabia

Mohammed Abdul-Salam, the head of Yemen’s negotiating team, emphasized in a tweet on Thursday that the ceasefire ended and was not extended due to the aggressor countries’ disregard for the humanitarian demands and natural rights of the Yemeni people.

He stated that the ceasefire ended due to the unjustified opposition of the aggressor countries to the humanitarian demands and natural rights of the Yemeni people regarding the reopening of Sana’a International Airport and Hudeidah Port and denying Sana’a government’s access to the country’s oil and gas wealth to pay the salaries of all Yemeni employees.

Peace in Yemen is not possible unless the invading countries abandon their arrogant mentality and prefer their own national and ethnic interests over the interests of the United States and the UK, the two countries that have benefited from the continued aggression and blockade of Yemen.

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