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Senior Terrorist Commander Killed in Iraqi Forces’ Operation at Border with Syria


Abu Haziqa Eraqi, a notorious commander of the ISIL, was killed in a mop-up operation of Iraqi troops in Western deserts near the border with Syria.

The Arabic-language Sumeriyeh news quoted a security sources as reporting that the Iraqi forces have killed Abu Haziqa Eraqi nom de guerre al-Azab that was hidden in a tunnel in a desert region near Syria’s border.

It further said that Abu Haziqa was in charge of supplying weapons, ammunition and also the bombs planted in the suicide or booby-trapped vehicles.

Spokesman for Iraqi Forces’ Media Center Colonel Yahya Rasoul said Sunday that the Iraqi popular forces kicked off a large-scale cleansing operation to purge the country’s border with Syria and Jordan of ISIL terrorists.

The Iraqi colonel reported that the popular forces of Hashd al-Shaabi and Tribal fighters have launched a large-scale operation under a joint command to root out ISIL terrorists from a very large area covering al-Mahlabiyeh region, South of Tal Afar region, Sinjar region, Um Jaris region at the international border up to al-Ba’aj al-Qirwan al-Karah.

Rasoul further said that the General Command of Salahuddin Operation started its mop-up operation in regions South of al-Hadhar, North of al-Siniyeh and Wadi al-Ma’alef and North of Baghdad to hunt the remaining pockets of ISIL terrorists.

He went on to say that other units of the Iraqi forces launched similar mop-up operation in Akhshat, al-Rutbah and North of the international highway between Iraq and borders with Jordan in Anbar province.

Rasoul added that other Iraqi units under the command of Jazeera Operation kicked off their cleansing operation in upper regions of the Euphrates River from a region between Rawa and al-Ramana in Western Anbar up to the Northwestern borders with Syria.

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