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Senior cleric hails Raeisi adm. for active economic diplomacy

Tehran's interim Friday Prayers Leader Ayatollah Kazem Sedighi commended the 13th Iranian administration under President Raeisi for its active diplomacy and serving people's interests.


At the start of this week’s Friday prayers sermon in Tehran, the provisional leader Ayatollah Kazem Sedighi pointed to the arrival of Arbaeen (the fortieth day after the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (AS)) and said that the multi-million march towards Karbala is a massive international maneuver against the Global Arrogance.

He went on to refer to the services that President Ebrahim Raeisi administration has given the people and the country so far and said that “The president loves to serve and has no thirst for power. The president works with honesty and does everything in people’s interest.”

“Whenever an event such as a flood or an earthquake happened in a part of the country, the president did not only send a message and does nothing, but instead he was present at the scene, and the ministers are also present in different places, and some ministers stay in cities and towns for several days to closely monitor and tackle the problems. and take action to solve those problems. These measures give people encouragement and hope.”

The senior cleric further praised the Raeisi administration for cooperation and unity with the other branches of the Iranian Islamic Establishment (the Parliament and the Judiciary), adding that since taking office, “the government has taken great steps in economic affairs.”

“Also, in relation to foreign diplomacy, this government has made big difference in both exports and imports,” Sediqi said, adding that “In relation to agricultural issues, the government has acted beyond expectations during these 11 months.”

“During this period, the government has sent 41 Iranian economic delegations to other countries. Also, 28 economic delegations from other countries came to Iran and 48 delegations from Iran have traveled to other countries for economic negotiations and increasing interaction. 220 international documents have been signed.”

The senior cleric went on to point out that since Raeisi assumed power in August 2021, “Two international documents have been implemented. A 25-year document has been signed with China, and this document has become operational, and a 20-year document has been signed with Russia.”

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