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Sayyed Nasrallah: Defeating Takfiries everywhere, resistance part of triumph


Secretary General of the Lebanese Hezbollah Party Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah stressed “No future and no life” are awaiting the project of the takfiries who want to control Syria, adding that they have been defeated in all areas and all countries.
In a speech delivered in Beirut’s southern suburb in commemoration of the tenth night of Muharram, Nasrallah pointed out that the resistance feels that it is part of the confrontation and triumph that is looming and “we will be honored to vanquish the Takfiris.”
Hezbollah Secretary General clarified that the scene in the region illustrates that the choice of the Resistance is right.
“When the whole world rallied at the beginning of the events in Syria and talked about the country’s fall in a period of few months, they were not talking about any certain city but rather they aimed at seizing the whole county. Nonetheless, Damascus is still present and Syria has not fallen,” he added.
Hezbollah leader stressed that the Takfiri organizations aim at seizing Syria and hitting other religions’ followers and all those who do not share them the same opinion, yet they could not control Syria, and this is a great victory and what is required is the ultimate triumph.
Earlier on Monday, Nasrallah stressed that the conflict in the region is not religious, but it is utterly a political conflict between states and popular and political forces which have a certain view on the future for the sake of which they are struggling.
In a speech delivered Monday to mark the Tenth of Muharram Day, Nasrallah said that what is taking place nowadays in Libya, Egypt, Iraq and Syria is a conflict between forces backed by political axes and not a religious conflict.
He indicated that the cause behind the international collation announced by the US is not a sectarian conflict, but the real cause is that the Islamic State in Iraq and in Syria “ISIS” terrorist organization has become a threat to its allies in the Gulf and the region.
“Our battle today is a battle with the US hegemony, the Israeli project and the Takfiris who want to smash everyone, and this battle is not a sectarian one despite the fact that the Takfiris are moving according to an ideological mentality,” Nasrallah said.
He stressed the necessity of diagnosing accurately what is taking place in the regional countries, adding that describing it as a sectarian conflict would hinder solving the crisis and would further prolong it.
He added that the current events in the region will draw its future, therefore, all the regional countries mustn’t accept to change the conflict in the region into a sectarian one as this means a loss for all.
He affirmed that Iran and Syria, despite the fact it has been preoccupied with its internal affairs, announced since the first day that the Lebanese elections are an internal affair in which they would not interfere, and that they accept what their allies agree on.

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