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Sayyed Houthi: Yemeni Forces Launched 200 Drones, 50 Ballistic Missiles in Support of Gaza

Leader of Yemen’s Ansarullah Movement Sayyed Abdul Malik Al-Houthi highlighted the unprecedented and...

In a televised speech, Sayyed Houthi illustrated that, on the other hand, the Palestinian people and resistance in Gaza show unmatched steadfastness.

Sayyed Houthi underlined the losses of the Israeli enemy due to the war, mentioning the thousands of deaths and injuries in this regard.

Despite all the witnessed criminality in Gaza, the Israeli enemy has failed to reach any of the war targets, Sayyed Houthi said.

Sayyed Houthi underscored the US support to the Israeli enemy and the silence of the international organizations about the genocide the Zionists are committing in Gaza.

Meanwhile, Sayyed Houthi stressed that the US escalation against Yemen will be economically costly and pose a threat of the war zone expansion.

Sayyed Houthi indicated that the US aggression threaten the navigation in the Red Sea, adding that the Yemeni operations do not pose any danger to the commercial ships, except those affiliated with the Zionist enemy.

4874 commercial ship have crossed the Red Sea since the beginning of the Yemeni operation, according to the Yemeni leader.

Meanwhile, Sayyed Houthi affirmed that 200 drones and 50 ballistic as well as winged missiles have been launched by the Yemeni Armed Forces during these operations.

Sayyed Houthi stressed that the Yemeni operations will continue till the war on Gaza ends and the humanitarian aids find their way into the Strip.

The Yemeni Armed Forces clashed fiercely with multiple American destroyers and warships in the Gulf of Aden and the Strait of Bab al-Mandeb, according to Brigadier General Yahya Saree, the spokesperson for the Yemeni Armed Forces.

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