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Saudi regime collaborated with al-Qaeda to fight Yemeni Hezbollah

A military coalition spearheaded by Saudi Arabia has struck secret deals with al-Qaeda terrorists to retreat for territories they control and point their guns to fight Yemeni Hezbollah, Houthis.

An investigation conducted by the Associated Press revealed that Saudi Arabia paid huge amounts of money for al-Qaeda terrorists in order to withdraw from several cities and towns across Yemen, to eventually hand them over to the coalition.

The investigation also found that the United States had prior knowledge of the suspicious deals of its allies, but did absolutely nothing about it.

Moreover, it [United States] refrained from carrying out drone strikes against al-Qaeda as its terrorists walked away evidently.

Even though the United States doesn’t fund the coalition, but it send it billions of dollars in weapons to fight the Iran-backed group. American jets even provide air-to-air refueling for coalition war planes.

AP investigation pointed out that the Saudi-led coalition recruited scores of al-Qaeda terrorists. A Yemeni official who was informed of the pacts from the very beginning said that Saudi Arabia is ready to “unite with the devil in the face of Houthis”.


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