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Saudi opposition: Islamic alliance implementing Zionist project



The anti-terrorism Islamic military alliance led by Saudi Arabia is a tool to strike Islam and Muslims and to implement the Zionist project, the opposition Umma Islamic Party has said.
“The Islamic alliance is nothing but a tool to strike Islam and Muslims in the name of Islam and to implement the agenda of the Crusader Zionist project,” the party wrote on Twitter.
The first summit of the Islamic Military Counterterrorism Alliance kicked off in Riyadh yesterday with top defence officials from some 40 Muslim countries.
In his opening remarks, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman said more than 40 countries sent a very strong signal of cooperation against terrorism, stressing that terrorism has distorted the image of Islam and that the alliance will not allow the distortion of religion or for civilians to be terrorised in Muslim countries.
The Saudi-led alliance was formed in 2015 and includes 41 countries including Turkey, Pakistan, Malaysia and Egypt.

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