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Saudi-backed forces suffer huge losses as Houthis pushes back in west Yemen

The Houthi forces, Yemeni Hezbollah, launched a big counter-attack inside the Hodeideh Governorate, targeting the areas recently captured by the UAE and Saudi-backed troops in western Yemen.

In one of the biggest operations this year, the Houthi forces launched massive attack on the supply line of the UAE and Saudi-backed troops in the Hodeideh Governorate.

Not only were they able to cutoff the supply line, but the Houthis forces were also able to fully eliminate an entire regiment of UAE-backed fighters in the process.

According to the official media wing of the Houthi forces, their fighters stormed the Abu Haroun Regiment’s positions near the Hays District, resulting in over 75 dead and wounded.

The Houthi forces were also able to capture at least ten fighters from the Abu Haroun Regiment, while destroying four vehicles.

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