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Safety Shattered: ‘Israel’ Unleashes Gruesome Massacre in Alleged Safe Zone of Rafah

Barbaric Israeli Aggression Persists, Israeli occupation forces targeted on Sunday evening, a camp for displaced persons in Rafah, southern Gaza Strip, leading to a gruesome massacre. The camp, set up in UNRWA warehouses, was supposed to be a safe zone.

Reports from the Government Media Office confirm that the Israeli occupation forces intentionally bombed the center, killing dozens and causing numerous injuries, with some in critical condition. The Palestinian Ministry of Health has reported a large number of casualties, with a search still ongoing for missing persons at the site.

The Gaza Civil Defense has been working tirelessly to transport victims, but the ongoing fires and blocked access by the Israeli occupation forces have made rescue efforts difficult. This attack adds to the already devastating toll of the aggression, with over 35,000 Palestinians killed and more than 80,000 injured in Gaza since the beginning of the war on Gaza.

Palestinian Outrage at Occupation’s Attack

The government media office in Gaza condemned the massacre in a press conference, labeling it as a premeditated act of genocide by the occupation army against civilians and displaced persons. The Palestinian government blamed the Israeli occupation, the American administration, and all countries involved in the genocide for the ongoing atrocities against the Palestinian people.

National and Islamic forces also expressed outrage at the massacre, denouncing it as an act of fascism by the occupation and a deliberate attempt to terrorize defenseless civilians. The factions urged the International Criminal Court and human rights organizations to hold Israeli war criminals accountable for the ongoing genocide.

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