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Rouhani: Khorramshahr liberation convinced world Iran is invincible

President Hassan Rouhani on Thursday hailed the lofty status of martyrs and their devotions and said the liberation of Khorramshahr form Baathi regime convinced the world of Iran’s invincibility.

Addressing a ceremony honoring sacrifices of the martyrs, especially those who had fallen for liberation of Khorramshahr, he added that if it were not for the devotions of the martyrs, “it would not be clear in what situation we were now.”

Rouhani reiterated that the Iranian nation as well as other Islamic nations and leaders sometimes find themselves in a sensitive situation which requires them to make a decisive decision.

Recalling the emergence of terrorists and crimes committed by them, the chief executive reiterated self-sacrifices of the martyrs, saying that if it were not for their defense and resistance, “It would not be clear in what situation we were now.”

Contending that dignity and honor of a nation is higher than anything else, Rouhani said that if a nation boasts of wealth but appears weak before a superpower, it will get nowhere.

Recalling US President Donald Trump’s statements in which he impudently described the Saudi Arabian people as dairy cattle which should be milked, he said that wealth and life are valuable for a nation but its dignity and status are more important.

“Today, the Iranian nation is regarded as a graceful and great nation across the world, as it is withstanding the enemy by itself through reliance on God and seeking help from Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and His Infallible Household.

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