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Rouhani: Islamic Revolution aimed at meeting people’s demands



Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Sat. the Islamic Revolution was aimed at resolving people’s problems, adding that respecting people forms the basis of the revolution.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani made the remarks in a meeting with senior directors of government bodies at Islamic Summit Conference Hall in the north of Tehran.

The president said that the government is in the service of people according to the Islamic teachings, calling on the managers of the government bodies to give up their posts if they hesitate to serve the people.

Rouhani added that the governors, the provincial governors as well as other managers have enough authorities to fulfill their duties according to the constitution, advising them to use their legal authorities according to the laws which stipulate that the executive branch of the Islamic Establishment ranks second after the Leader’s position.

Elsewhere in his address, the Iranian president referred to the animosity of “super powers” towards Iranian nation, saying that meeting the people’s demands is the way to repel the pressures and threats.

President Rouhani further acknowledged that there is corruption in the government bodies, stressing that it should be fought against seriously.

Rouhani added that developing an electronic government is a great way to reduce corruption.

Rouhani later addressed the issue of fluctuations of Iranian rial against the foreign currencies, saying the government has taken a proper measure in unifying the previous different rates of rial value against the US dollar.

Rouhani added that measure was in the interest of the producers and manufacturers as lots of the black-market currency traders are omitted this way.

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